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Welcome to Eagle Aero Charter

Chartering an aircraft is not as expensive as most people assume. In fact, in today’s world where time is often in short supply, chartering offers the only logical AND economical solution to your logistics needs. Efficiency and comfort all at a reasonable cost! Consider the following:

Significantly shortened total trip time with departures from your local airport and arrivals much closer to your final destination.

You choose your own departure times and return times.

No more problems with queues and hassles at the airport.

Assurance of complete security as you are accompanied only by your own friends and/or business colleagues.

EAGLE AERO cargo services

No nonsense, no fancy terms, what matters is that your shipment gets there….and fast! With reaction times down to 30 minutes to airborne from your confirmation, we often make the difference between success and failure. We understand the need for rapid response and the consequencies for delays.

We have an extensive knowledge of European Airports, Handling Agents and Air Traffic Control regions, and will advise you on the best airports to use for your consignment to ensure the best possible “door to door” time.
Our pilots are experienced and all appreciate the need to honour the schedule set to them, and the passage of information. All our crews have unrestricted GSM phones, and act as our eyes and ears on the ground.

Concierge Services

Our travel specialists can arrange for door-to-door service as well as look after all of your other travelling needs.

Why Eagle Aero

We have a client-orientated and motivated team. All of our ground staff and flight crew are highly experienced in both domestic and international operations and able to organise complete door-to-door service.

Charter Quotes

There are many variables which must be considered when providing a quote for service. For example: distance and flight sectors, days away from home base, air traffic control fees, landing and handling fees, and airport passenger fees to name a few.


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